“Summer Hair Bun”

21 Aug

                            OH HAIR NO! "SUMMER HAIR BUN"Summertime is the perfect season for the summer hair bun, let's face it we are in the middle of summer which means HOT! HOT! weather!

You can create a sexy hair bun for the office or a night on the town, my favorite summer hair bun is a sleek hair bun, it's great for holding up during your workouts too.

      All you need is:

  1. A hair tie 1 or 2 that depends on your hair density (thickness)
  2. Bobby pins you will need 3-5 make sure the color matches your hair
  3. Gel or hair spray (that depends on your hair texture)
  4. A good strong brush with boar bristles

                                         OH HAIR NO!

                                    Now don't get it twisted men are rocking summer hair buns too!

                               It's very popular amongst soccer players, I see a lot of men rocking the messy hair bun 

                      during the day, then going for that sleek sophisticated look for a night on the town.

                                                         Ladies do you like a man with a hair bun?

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