15 May

Just about every man has a beard these days, it's really annoying how lazy men have become when shaving their facial hair these days.. I think it's a classic case of monkey see monkey do... I prefer my man with a nice smooth shaved face, although there's always the exception when he's fine ass hell with a lumber jack looking beard OKAYYY!!... I work at a barbershop and I have to groom my client's beards everyday... It can get really awkward when I have to comb/brush out their lunch in that bushy ass beard...

Men be aware of the smells coming out of your beard, If you just finished going down on your women or man ijs... Get a hot soapy towel and let it soak on your stanky beard for 2-3 minutes or whatever time is necessary to remove that awful smell... Did you know that 47% of beards have fecal matter in them!!! YUCK! GROSS!! OH HAIR NO!! Shave that nasty pubic hair off your face right now!

Robbi's Beard Tips

  1. Use a hot soapy towel to clean it (especially after oral sex) 
  2. Brush your beard 3 times per day to keep it silky smooth, nappy dug out beards are gross
  3. Use a beard oil or foam, my favorite is Reuzel Beard Foam this product will soften your beard, smell good, and give a natural shine too!
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